Another Side of Floyd Shilanski

When not at work, wait --- Floyd is always at work! He is always doing something!

floyd shilankski from shilanski & associates inc
The eldest of 5 children, Floyd was born and primarily raised in West Texas, although as a second-generation Air Force man, he traveled quite frequently in his adolescence. He was stationed at Elmendorf Air Force base in the 1970s, and when it came time to leave...he just couldn't. He was finally home.

Floyd is a true renaissance man with a profound berth of knowledge in almost every subject on the planet, even social media. His kids are still looking to find something that he does not know anything about.

He is an Eagle Scout through the Boy Scout Association and spent many years as the pack leader of the Wilderness Exploration club. He took two troops to climb Mt. McKinley --- a harrowing but fulfilling exploration.

Floyd is a Master SCUBA Driver and novice oceanographer. He has hundreds of dives under his belt and actively dives still. His passion for diving has been passed down to two of his three children and several of his grandchildren. Both Jamie and Micah have their SCUBA Certifications, as well as two of his eligible grandsons, Lane and Aaron Joseph. Each year, Floyd tries to get in as many SCUBA wreck dives as possible when in Hawaii with Jamie, Micah, Lane, and Aaron.

He can also be often seen having just flown his Cessna 182 into a remote landing strip to hike to a stream or river to fly fish. He has fished across the globe from locations in remote Russia to the waters of the Atlantic. For his birthday in October, he enjoys fly fishing with his son, Micah and Heidi Wild in Bristol Bay for award-winning Rainbow Trout...when Micah is not casting over him, that is.

Floyd has been married to Rosa Shilanski for over 46 years and they have three children together. In all things Floyd does, Rosa is instrumental as they share a passion for discovery, community, and constant exploration. Together they are helping raise two of their grandchildren, Jazlynn and Aaron Joseph.

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