Another Side of Jamie Shilanski

Jamie Shilanski at shilanski & associates Jamie Shilanski at shilanski & associates Jamie Shilanski at shilanski & associates

Jamie brings tireless passion to everything that she does in her life. Her natural energy to accomplish goals and empower everyone that she meets is contagious. When having a conversation with Jamie, her active mind can almost literally be seen turning ideas and concepts into plans of action. Jamie is forward-looking, passionate, and committed to achieving results through empowerment. She has a unique ability to tackle problems and mentally reels with creative energy.

Jamie is an avid reader and is horrified at the publication that she once saw that said after high school, less than 25% of people go on to read another book the rest of their adult lives. Because of her background in literature, Jamie is often called upon to be a living, breathing, walking Dictionary, Spell Check Machine, and Thesaurus. People are often very disappointed when she reveals she is none of the former.

Above all else, Jamie loves to learn. She seeks knowledge for the sake of knowledge and exploration for the sake of learning. 

She is an avid but absolutely terrible fisherman. The second a fish is on the line she loses her mind! She is overcome with excitement and energy. However, that does not stop her from spending as much time as possible outdoors. Jamie loves living in the Last Frontier and is often encouraging people to come and visit because "It is the wildest and beautiful place that as an American you can visit without a passport."

Jamie's spouse is a renown fly fishing guide in Bristol Bay, Alaska and is featured in magazine publications such as "Fish Alaska." Together they have one son, Lane, who --- despite his parents' absolute love for being outside and exploring --- is a gamer and is never far from an electrical outlet. Seriously. They have two dogs who pretty much rule THE. ENTIRE. HOUSE. It is absurd.

Being an exceptional daughter, sister, and "Auntie" all make up her greatest strengths. She has 5 nieces and nephews: Jazlynn, Aaron Joseph, Gabriel, Milana, and Avianna. She is the middle child of Floyd and Rosa Shilanski which makes her...well, probably their best child despite being often forgotten, as a middle child.

She has an incredible circle of friends whose company often reminds her of the quote, "Strong Women May We: Know Them, Raise Them, Be Them."

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