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Micah Shilanski at Shilanski & Associates
Micah may be in a three-piece suit on most days but underneath the suit is a trained martial arts expert. Micah has studied various disciplines of fighting since he was nine years old. Has his black belt in several fighting styles and is an award-winning national competitor. He continues to study the art of fighting and provides instruction on a volunteer basis on Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage, Alaska. His eldest two children, Gabriel and Milana, actively participate as well. Gabriel has a natural athleticism about him and can perform the splits in manners that would leave anyone else needing medical attention. His daughter, Milana, who is always a good sport about doing what her daddy and brother want to do, recently received her purple belt which was quite a big deal! Mostly because once she advanced in martial arts, she was allowed to take ballet as well.

Micah is an Eagle Scout of the United States Boys Scout Association, an accomplishment he achieved when he was 17 years of age. He has participated in national jamborees and is eager for his son Gabriel to join the world of Scouting. Micah is a natural outdoorsman and --- second to Floyd Shilanski --- the first person you would want with you if left in the woods. He spent his early 20's as an assistant to a Bear Guide in remote Western Alaska. During this time, without any common resources available, Micah learned to live off of the land for additional nutrients and survival needs.

He is a profound fisherman, and some may even say that fish will jump to die at his feet...not just when they are spawned out either. During the season, he can be found fishing for anything except halibut.

Micah is a certified Rescue SCUBA Diver and former lifeguard. His daughter, Milana, is most likely to follow in his footsteps as she shares Micah's natural love for being near water. Micah's youngest daughter, Avianna, was most noted for her larger than life smiles and profound love for her bother, Gabriel. She literally lit up when Gabriel was in the room, or she heard his voice. She loved her sister, Milana too, and always had one eye on her... as sisters often do 🙂 Avianna loved musicals. When allowed "screen time," you can guarantee she wanted to watch Marry Poppins or the Sound of Music (clearly a Julie Andrews fan but then again, who isn't?).

Micah is married to Kelly Nerland Shilanski of the prominent Nerland family whose history as instrumental community members in the State of Alaska goes as far back as the days of the Gold Rush. Kelly is a master packer. Meaning, the large backpack Micah is carrying is the only piece of luggage their family of 5 brought with them for a month while in Japan. That is it. That and we are guessing whatever the equivalent of "Amazon Prime" is in Japan...

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