Another Side of Sierra Steele

I moved to Anchorage with my long-term boyfriend, Chase. Leaving my hometown, Fairbanks, was an easy transition because Anchorage offered everything I loved about Fairbanks with the added benefit of being able to go north or south on the weekends to find an Alaskan adventure. Once we settled into our new lives, we added to our home a cat and a Golden Retriever.

Outside of the office and college courses, I love to go hiking, play volleyball, or lift weights at the gym to keep active. I also love to be creative with painting, crocheting, making jewelry and playing the cello. I am an avid reader and annoy my family and friends with how fast I read (one book lasts the flight from Anchorage to Seattle). My ideal vacation is traveling around the U.S. in a camper van.

I earned my Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional and I am currently finishing my Bachelors of Business Administration in Finance. Upon graduation, I will go on to earn my Certified Financial Planner designation. I want to be able to help families reach their goals.

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