Taylon Ottinger


Taylon Ottinger

Relationship Manager

In the wild, diverse landscapes of the University of Alaska, Anchorage, Taylon Ottinger emerged, holding a Bachelor's Degree in Natural Sciences, with the focused determination of a pre-med student.

As a Paraplanner, Taylon is the lighthouse guiding our clients through the fog—scheduling appointments, ensuring the safe harbor of their documents, and being the first smile to welcome them ashore.

His heart beats in unison with SAAI's, thriving in a team that resembles a tight-knit pack, where camaraderie and leadership are the north stars.

Outside the office, Taylon is an adventurer at heart—snowboarding down slopes as if surfing the cold waves, swinging bats, lifting spirits and weights in powerlifting, letting arrows fly in archery, and casting lines in fishing.

His passion for baseball is not just a game but a commitment, as he coaches and molds the young minds of high school teams with the dedication of a seasoned captain steering his crew.

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